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Enter an email adddress and password below to register for an Consumer account, which allows you to:

  1. Create, and receive from those who help you, Rmarks (purchasing help bookmarks), which you can use to review what you've learned when you come to make purchasing decisions, and which make it easy to cite sources of help when making cashback claims.

  2. Receive email, Facebook, or Twitter alerts when new products or purchasing help become available that match your search criteria, and

  3. Have the details of your preferred rebate payment account remembered.

Browser-based accounts

If you don't currently wish to enter an email address and password, you can still register for an Rbate Consumer account that is linked to the browser you're now using by checking the Only create a browser-based account box below. You'll be able to use the Rbate Rmark system (including auto-Rmarking), but won't be able to receive search alerts. Your Rmarks will not be available from another browser, and will be lost if your Rbate cookie is deleted. You can convert a browser-based account to an email-based account by re-registering with Rbate.

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