Lens s Privacy Policy for Consumer Use

What we store

  • Rbate stores review suggestions you submit.

  • Rbate stores Rmark information you have entered, or that you have asked to have created via a rebate claim, Rmark button, or auto-Rmark option. Rbate may retain the Rmarks you delete for three months following such deletion or account closure. Statistical information on Rmarks is retained indefinitely. In addition, the Rcodes of your Rmarks are stored in a browser cookie that expires 18 months after the last manual or auto Rmark was added to your account.

  • If you log-in to a Rbate consumer account, Rbate will store a cookie on the browser you are using that will keep that browser logged-in indefinitely, unless you remove this cookie, either manually or by clicking the "Logout" button.

  • Rbate stores details of rebate claims, including the product, the IP address of the computer used to submit the claim, review citations, survey responses, and payment account details, as well as either an email address or browser identifier when the claimer is a registered Rbate consumer. 18 months after a claim is submitted Rbate dissociates claim data from individual claims and payment accounts, retaining only statistical data and the text of survey answers.

  • If you have checked the "Remember" box on product and review search pages, your location is stored in an encoded browser cookie. This cookie will expire if you do not use Rbate's search engines for 18 months.

  • If the "Remember my account details" box is checked when a rebate claim is submitted, Rbate will store the details of this payment account, and associate them with your Rbate consumer account.

  • If you have registered for a Rbate consumer account, Rbate stores either the email address you entered and an irreversibly-hashed version of the password you entered, or a browser identifier for browser-based accounts. If you choose to delete your Rbate account, Rbate destroys this registration information and any individual Rmark data, search notifications, or last-used rebate payment account details within three months.

What we use

  • Rbate may make use of statistical data, unrelated to any individual browser or account, to improve its service.

  • Rbate uses the email address attached to Rbate consumer accounts to inform account holders of important information about the operation of their accounts, and to deliver requested search notifications.

  • Rbate may use Rmarks you enter to determine whether the page at a particular Web address should be added to Rbate's purchasing help search index, and Rbate may use the product information you enter on a Rmark to index that information with the Rmark's Help Source. Rbate also uses your Rmark ratings to calculate and display averaged community Rmark ratings.

What we share

  • Statistical data, unrelated to any individual browser or account, may be shared with third-parties, including product makers and providers of purchasing help.

  • Review suggestions you submit can be viewed by registered Rbate Helpers.

  • Answers to survey questions, both in statistical form and as individual answer sets, are supplied to product makers. Answers to questions that ask for identifying information are only provided to the maker of the product that the claimer has purchased. If a maker plans to distribute your contact information to other parties they will indicate this on the survey form.

  • Rbate provides information on your use of Rbate's services to government authorities if it is required to do so by law.

What we show

  • If an Rbate cookie indicates that your browser is logged-in to a Rbate consumer account, whether it be email- or browser-based, then that browser is able view your Rmarks, either via the Rmarks page, or on the help citation page during the rebate claim process.

  • If during a rebate claim you you ask Rbate to store your payment account details, Rbate will re-display these details when the same user account is logged-in on subsequent claims.

  • Your username and password on account log-in, as well as rebate payment account details, are always transmitted between Rbate and your browser in encrypted form. Other pages are encrypted if you access the page using the https protocol. If your browser supports it, the web pages you view will be cached on your computer's disk, including pages that have been securely transmitted. If you do not want your account data to be seen by other users of your Web browser, disable your browser's disk cache while operating your account.