Cashback Claim

First, please use your new product for a while before claiming your rebate. The claim includes a buyer's survey, which you can better answer once you decide what you like and don't like about what you've bought. You can claim your rebate any time before the claim expiry date, which is stated in your claim material.

To claim your cash rebate:

  1. Before continuing with your claim, try to add an Rbate Rmark to each webpage, article, broadcast, salesperson, and consultant that helped you choose your purchase.

    If you're a registered Rbate consumer, please log-in to load your Rmarks:

    I forgot my password

    If you were helped by webpages or online comments, see if you can Rmark any of them now by re-visiting them in this browser, and clicking any Rmarkb button you find on the page or comment.

    If you were helped by printed newspaper or magazine articles that display a or Web address, Rmark these by entering those addresses into your browser. Also visit any such addresses you find on the business cards or invoices of people who helped you in person.

    Before making your claim, try to Rmark as many of the help sources you used as possible, including those used by friends who helped you, along with those that turned you off an alternative product. This lets you reward this help!

  2. Have ready the 15-character claim code that came with your purchase. This may have been given to you or sent to you, or you may instead find it on a claim label or card placed on or inside your product's packaging.

  3. Have ready the details of one of the following types of payment account: Skrill (Moneybookers), Dwolla, PayPal, U.S. Bank Account (for US Dollar rebates), or Australian Bank Account (for Australian Dollar rebates). NOTE: Your rebate will be reduced if you choose to be paid via certain payment methods that attract higher transfer fees.

Also, please be aware of the rebate terms and conditions.