Rbate Trademarks

Rbate, /?, the Rbate logo, Rmark, Rcode, and Help Marketing are each trademarks of Rbate Pty. Ltd.

You may use these words, images, and symbols without any annotation of their trademarked status in material that discusses Rbate and its services (where Rbate is clearly named and identified), or in text or images that form a link to a Rbate.com webpage.

However if one of these words, images, or symbols is used in a context in which its connection with Rbate is not obvious, you must add a proximal note that states that the entity is a trademark of Rbate Pty. Ltd (Rbate.com).

These words, images, and symbols, as well as variants that do not substantially differ, may not be associated with goods and services in Rbate's areas of commerce, nor used for purposes of promotion or display, without prior written approval from Rbate Pty. Ltd.

Rbate treats trademarks held by others in the same way.