Operating Agreement for Rbate Helper Accounts

This document describes the rights and responsibilities of an operator of an Rbate Helper account, and the conditions under which such accounts operate.

  1. This is an agreement between Rbate Pty. Ltd., hereafter referred to as "Rbate", and the entity or entities that control the operation of an Rbate Helper Account, hereafter referred to as "you". The agreement comes into force for a particular Helper Account once your request to create such an account has been approved by Rbate, if for that request an indication has been made that the account creator agrees to abide by this agreement for account operation.

  2. It is your responsibility to prevent unauthorized use of your account by logging-out after use in insecure environments, and by always using an account password that is difficult to guess. This includes avoiding the use of passwords that correspond to, or are simply derived from, significant publicly-available information about either the account operators or the company or organization associated with the account. You must only divulge your account password to those authorized to operate the account, and must take steps to avoid entering the password is situations where it possible for the unencrypted password to be intercepted. You warrant that you are liable for any losses you sustain if you do not set and use your account in these ways.

  3. You agree that you will not suggest, request, demand, or arrange that any person cite any Rbate Help Source as helpful or very helpful during any rebate claim managed by Rbate. Further, you acknowledge that Rbate may at its sole discretion cancel one or more of your bonus payments whenever Rbate has discovered evidence that either you or a person you reward for providing content has conspired to have a purchaser cite a help source as helpful when the purchaser was not in fact helped by that source on that purchase.

  4. You agree to never reveal any information about Maker bonus offers to any person to whom you have offered payment for their consumer assistance work, with the exception of professional members of your staff.

  5. You agree that the only Australian Business Number you may enter and maintain in your account profile is that which belongs to a source to which 100% of your Rbate income is and continues to be attributed.

  6. You agree to allow Rbate to provide to government authorities information on the operation of your account to the extent that allows Rbate to fulfil its regulatory requirements, including those relating to the detection and tracking of criminal activity. In circumstances other than these Rbate agrees to never disclose to third-parties any non-statistical information you provide to Rbate during the creation and operation of your account, however

  7. If you have chosen to list help sources in Rbate.com's search engine you licence Rbate to transmit your listings to users of that search engine, and to allow such users to retain this information for their private use. You also licence Rbate to display information about your Help Sources to operators of Rbate Maker accounts that have registered products with Rbate that are the subject of your Help Sources.

  8. You agree that the only Help Sources you may register with Rbate are those that deal with products able to be legally sold in the State of New South Wales, Australia. As well, you agree that the text and images you provide for Rbate to display as search results on Rbate's review search engine, plus the content of any Web page for which you provide the URL, will at all times be able to be legally published in this same State.

  9. You agree not to hold Rbate liable for damages that may result from loss of access to either the Rbate service or your Rbate Helper account, nor for either the loss or corruption of any data held in your account.

  10. Results returned by Rbate's help and product search engines contain or involve material, links to material, and products and services, that Rbate did not create and does not control. Rbate cannot vouch for the quality or suitablity of such material, products, or services, and search results are provided to you "as is". You agree not to hold Rbate liable for any damages that result from your use of, or lack of access to, such material, products, or services. Some material may not be suitable for viewing by minors, and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent minors in your care from viewing this material.

  11. Other than data entered by users of the Rbate.com site, all data and their presentation, including all statistical data, are owned by and are copyrighted by Rbate Pty. Ltd. Both Rbate and the other owners of Rbate.com data licence you to use standard Web browser software to both request this data and to view, in unframed form, the data that Rbate returns, and to retain copies of that data for your own private personal or business use. All other rights are reserved.

  12. You accept that Rbate is not obligated to recompense you for payments we make to cash accounts whose details you have entered incorrectly. As well, you agree that Rbate can charge a you a fee if you request payment to an invalid account, reducing or dissipating your payment.

  13. You acknowledge that Rbate is not a bank, and that your Rbate account balance is not protected by government guarantee.

  14. If Rbate wishes to alter this agreement we will email you at least seven days prior to the date on which the changes will come into effect, informing you of both this date and the changes being made. You agree that the new agreement will apply to any activity or transactions on your account, including activity resulting from consumer rebate claims, that occurs on or subsequent to this date.

  15. You agree that Rbate may terminate this agreement at any time, make any outstanding payments, and close your Rbate Helper account.

  16. Times and days described in this agreement and on the rbate.com website relate to Universal Coordinated Time.

  17. Unless otherwise indicated, all monetary amounts are denominated in United States Dollars.

February 22, 2011