Rbate's Services for Consumer Assistance Staff


If you're an employee of an Rbate-registered organization that provides consumers with purchasing help, and you provide assistance directly to consumers, in-person, or over a video, audio, chat, or email link, whether or not you're also a salesperson, you can ask your employer to create an Rbate Assistant login for you. Such a login will allow you to easily send those you help a record of your assistance, including notes and photos, and to record your own private notes on the interaction.

These records, which Rbate calls Rmarks, can be cited by product purchasers as helpful when they complete a claim for a cash rebate, which can earn your employer income via Rbate for that help, and earns you credit to increase your helpfulness ranking in Rbate's purchasing help search engine. Your employer can see via their Rbate account how helpful each of their staff has been.

Rmarks can be sent via email, Facebook message, or NFC tap. The latter can be accomplished by either wearing a wristband that is brought near a customer's smartphone or tablet, or by tapping an employer-provided smartphone or tablet against the customer's device. The advantage of using a smartphone or tablet is that you can add shared and private notes to each Rmark, allowing you to keep track of your service to each customer.

Helpers can also delegate to selected Assistants their authority to activate, cancel, and check the status of certain rebate claim codes. This is normally done at the point-of-sale, after a purchase or before a return.

Once your employer has created an Assistant account for you, and you have set your password and been told your username (your unique helper Rcode), go here to log-in.