Lens s Privacy Policy for Maker Accounts

What we store

  • Product and Rebate Group data can only be deleted from your account when no unexpired or unredeemed claim codes are associated with that product or group, and your Rbate Maker account can only be deleted when none of your registered products have such active claim codes.

  • Financial data associated with your account, along with your company name and ABN (if applicable), are retained by Rbate indefinitely. Other than statistical information, all other account data, including product search engine listings, are destroyed by Rbate three months after you delete that data from your account, or if your account is closed.

  • Your account password is stored by Rbate in an irreversibly-hashed form.

  • When you log-in to your Rbate Maker account Rbate will store a cookie on the browser you are using that will keep that browser logged-in for ten days, unless you remove this cookie either manually or by clicking the "Logout" link.

  • If you have checked the "Remember" box on product and purchasing help search pages, your location is stored in an encoded browser cookie. This cookie will expire if you do not use Rbate's search engines for 18 months.

What we use

  • Rbate may make use of statistical data, unrelated to any individual browser or account, to improve its service.

  • Rbate uses the email address attached to your Rbate Maker account to inform you of important information about the operation of your account, and to deliver requested search notifications.

  • Rbate uses any email addresses you supply as the contact point for product information (including review samples) to forward such requests from Rbate Helpers. Rbate does not disclose these email addresses to Helpers.

What we share

  • Statistical data, unrelated to any individual browser or account, may be shared with third-parties, including other Rbate-registered Makers and Helpers.

  • Product information that you have requested to have listed in Rbate's product search engine is made available to all search engine users. This information may be returned in search results for a short time after you indicate that you no longer wish your product to be listed.

  • Registered Rbate Helpers can view your bonus offers, including the per-claim bonus amount, the product's brand, model ID, and category, a link to the product's search engine listing (if any), the USD value of the product's active bonus pool, the USD total of bonuses already paid following claims on that product, and the average claim code redemption rate for your Rbate account.

  • If you breach your account operating agreement by having rebate claims rejected due to lack of funds then Rbate may supply your company name, your website address, and, at Rbate's discretion, your email address, to stakeholders and credit reference organizations.

  • Rbate provides information on your use of Rbate's services to government authorities if it is required to do so by law.

What we show

  • Your username and password on log-in, and all account-related data, is transmitted between Rbate and your browser in encrypted form. However, if your browser supports it, the web pages you view will be cached on your computer's disk, including pages that have been securely transmitted. If you do not want your account data to be seen by other users of your Web browser, disable your browser's disk cache while operating your account.