Apply to be an Rbate Helper

Professional organizations or individuals who provide consumers with purchasing assistance can apply to become an Rbate Helper. Among other benefits, registered Rbate Helpers can receive payments when their work helps consumers select products.

Applications to register as a Rbate Helper are accepted from:

  • Professional providers of evaluation, recommendation, demonstration, selection, purchasing, information, sample, or trial services for goods or services, optionally coupled with a sales service,
  • Professional organizations that review goods or services, whether published online, in print, or in other media,
  • Professional publishers of aggregated and classified consumer-created information and opinion, or
  • Professional publishers of digests of professional or consumer-created information and opinion.
  • Retailers who sell at least one product which carries an Rbate claim code which requires point-of-sale activation,

Your purchasing assistance work should be professionally organized, conducted, and presented, as well as being publicly offered. The casual publication of an occasional review, or the occasional provision of choice-assisting service, is not sufficient for Rbate registration. Nor is registration is currently available to individual consumers, unless you are a professional and regular provider of information, evaluation, recommendation, demonstration, or trial services.

Further information concerning eligibility is available here.

To apply, please describe in 200-2000 characters the nature, extent, and history of your organization's media and services that relate to consumer purchasing assistance, or your intentions for such media and services. Provide links to relevant webpages, the names of publications and other media outlets, and the extent of any retail sales operation.

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