Rbate's Suggestion Box

Rbate welcomes any suggestion that may help improve our service.

Rbate may reward a helpful suggestion with a cash payment. But please consider this a possible bonus rather than an expectation. While Rbate is open to making such payments because we wish to be fair, we also wish to avoid a host of legal complications.

So to submit a suggestion, you must agree to the following terms:

  1. You agree to only submit material for which you hold all intellectual property rights, or for which you have the written authorisation from all rights holders to both agree to these terms and to submit their material.
  2. While submitters retain the copyrights they hold in their ideas, all contributors to a submission agree to give Rbate an unlimited, irrevocable, and royalty-free licence to both use and sub-licence any aspect of a submission.
  3. In your submission you agree to disclose any knowledge of any actual or prospective patent or trademark applications or issuances that concern any aspect of the submitted material, as well as any interest the submitters hold in these properties.
  4. Payment for a helpful suggestion is a courtesy to the submitter, and is made entirely at Rbate's discretion. Even if Rbate implements some part of your idea, we may not have examined or assessed your submission, we may have already been considering implementing part or all your suggestions, someone else may have suggested one of your ideas first, or Rbate's decision on the appropriate and feasible payment for your suggestion may be nil, less than you expect, or not paid at a time you expect.

Rbate will endeavour to provide a substantive and timely reply to all reasonable submissions.

Thank you.

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