Terms for the offer of cash rebates

Rbate claim labels and Claim Codes represent an offer to pay a cash rebate. These offers are subject the following terms and conditions:

  1. A rebate offer may be printed on a claim label. Such offers are made by the entity that controls, in the region in which the label is distributed, the company name, brand name or, logo image identified on the label as the source of the offer.

  2. The offer is for the currency amount displayed on the label, interpreted in the context of the region in which the above entity intended the label to be distributed.

  3. Offers of cash rebates may also be made by supplying you with a Rbate Claim Code, without an accompanying label. The identity of the entity making the offer, and the amount, currency, and expiry date of the offer are those registered with Rbate by the offering entity. This information takes precedence over any information provided to you with the Claim Code.

  4. In processing claims for these cash offers Rbate acts as the agent of the entity making the offer. Rbate is only able to process and pay a claim if the entity that has made the offer is in compliance with the operating agreement Rbate has with this entity or its agents. Rbate is not liable to pay a rebate when the entity that has made the rebate offer is in breach of their agreements with Rbate, or if these agreements with the offering entity are no longer in effect.

  5. A cashback offer is void if its Claim Code has been obtained through a transaction that has not been authorized by the maker of the product with which the offer is associated: for example, if the relevant good or code has been stolen, or if the purchase was made in a region other than that intended by the distributor of the claim labels or Claim Codes.

  6. A cashback offer is void if Rbate determines that the associated Claim Code or label is counterfeit, or if a Claim Code is distributed without the consent of the offering entity.

  7. Cashback offers expire at midnight Universal Coordinated Time on the offer's date of expiry that has been registered with Rbate by the offering company. This expiry date is printed on offer labels.

  8. Payment of cash offers are contingent on the claim process being completed in full. Sources of purchasing help must be properly cited, and survey questions from the product maker satisfactorily answered.

  9. You agree that during a rebate claim you will only declare a source of purchasing assistance to be helpful or very helpful if you have genuinely received such help from that source in relation to the purchase in question.

  10. Payment is only available via a limited number of electronic payment methods, and in a limited number of currencies. Rbate reserves the right to void a cash offer if the claimer is unwilling or unable to use any of these payment options.

  11. Rbate cannot guarantee that the claims it pays will be received by the rebate claimer, in full or in part. Actions taken by either governments or companies involved in the funds transfer may prevent, reduce, or eliminate the payment. Rbate may deduct payment transfer fees from rebates.

  12. If you enter incorrect payment account details, Rbate may not give you the opportunity to correct this information, and your payment will be forfeit. Alternatively, Rbate may charge you a fee if you request payment to an invalid account, reducing or dissipating your rebate.

  13. Funds may not be credited to your nominated account until 21 days after the Rbate.com claim process has been successfully completed.

  14. You agree that the only Australian Business Number you may submit to Rbate during a rebate claim is that which belongs to an entity to which 100% of the claim amount will be attributed.

June 30, 2009